Pasticceria Fraccaro Bio

A healthy lifestyle starts with a wholesome diet. We strongly believe in this principle, which is why we decided to create a completely organic patisserie line: Pasticceria Fraccaro BIO. Pasticceria Fraccaro BIO is a line of products designed for anybody looking for quality, for those loves nature and do not want to give up the pleasure of patisserie. Our pursuit of quality has clearly shown in the selection of completely natural, organic and pesticide-free raw materials, the absence of coloring agents and preservatives and, finally, by the use of our special ingredient, the sourdough, used in all our products.
We prefer milled flours on small stone mills as they maintain their nutritional qualities and guarantee a higher percentage of fibers, mineral salts, vitamins and wheat germ. The eggs come from farms where the hens are raised outdoors and are fed exclusively with feed from organic farming. We stock ourselves with butter produced by hand, without adding preservatives and dyes but rich in beneficial lactic ferments and active ingredients. The same attention we place in the selection of candied fruit, sultanas, barley malt, cane sugar, agave syrup and natural flavors all strictly from organic farming.