A special ingredient!
Sourdough starter is a mixture of flour and water in which the microorganisms live and reproduce. Which feed on the sugars contained in the flour to produce carbon dioxide. This fermentation process makes the dough rise and gives it other superior qualities: it maintains its organoleptic qualities such as fragrance and flavor over time, makes it naturally soft and very easy to digest. This process has been forgotten by modern industry because it requires attention and takes time, in addition to the constant care of the original starter. Fraccaro on the other hand has cherished this heritage and every day renews its passion for tradition and quality.

What are the benefits of sourdough?

These are many: the dough is more elastic and malleable with consequent reduction of kneading times, its structure has more volume, finer and more evenly distributed air pockets, resulting in a softer cake with a deeper aroma and taste.

The benefits for the health of the consumer are equally as valuable: the result is a healthier product, far easier to digest and metabolize.